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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Because Truth Matters

What is Truth? I know some people may just read that question and say, "Well, truth is something that's true." It sounds simple enough, but what makes something true?

I used to teach Adult Sunday School at a former church and our class once did a study on Truth. I remember it because of the depth of information that we covered along with the intense Bible study just made everyone's brain hurt; but we did learn a lot from it.

There are things that can be defined and redefined and that still doesn't change the fact that certain things, like Truth stay the same.

There are some misguided people that cast aspersions at others in some self-righteous way of defending their man-centered views and Heaven help you if you disagree with their version of the truth.

It's interesting to note that the word aspersion has it's root meaning as "sprinking". It's interesting as some are in the habit of sprinkling just enough truth with just enough man-centered falsehoood in sermons or gossip, um, I mean conversations with others; or that some "sprinkle" as in dropping viscious, yet veiled ad hominem attacks at others, labeling then as weak-minded, legalistic, divisive or pharisitical. The most recent one that I've read was about the former Slice of Laodicea website. It's horrible the anger that some "Christians" have when others are simply pointing them to the Truth.

OK, so what really matters? The only mirror that we should hold to our face or another person is the Word of God. What you say doesn't matter. What I say doesn't matter. What God says does matter and is the ONLY TRUTH.

The actual topic of Truth would take an entire series to discuss, so I will leave off for now with the fact that Jesus said in John 14:6,

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to
the Father but through Me."

This week, I've read about sermons featuring poker, Napolean Dynamite, business books and a myriad of other topics. All of this deals with the entertainment factor of grabbing someone's interest with culturally relevant ideas.

Do you know what is culturally relevant? If you don't know Jesus, you are a lost sinner and will spend eternity in Hell, forever seperated from God. The Good News is that Jesus dies on the cross so you don't have to. He died in our place and offers His sacrifice as a free gift; the gift of grace, God's unmerited favor.

The Bible is relevant just as it is. What a sad thing it must say for us as a culture that we have such short attention spans that if churches aren't doing things bigger and grander with each "production" that we're worried that "we" won't reach people.

Ahhhh.... wait a minute...

Who is trying to "draw" the people?

John 12:32 states,

"And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men
to Myself."

It's not about being fed, becoming a social agency, musical styles or whatever music the "world" listens to. It is soley, undeniably about our Lord and Him alone. That's it... simple, eh?

It breaks my heart at the well-intentioned, yet man-centered entertainment centers that a lot of our churches have become. It's time that we stop sacrificing the Word of God on the altar of worldliness. It's time that we stop the flow of vitriol that seeps and spews from blogs, webcasts and pulpits. It's time that we stop the man-centered worldliness that is slowly infecting our churches in front of our eyes.

It's not about opinion, style or different methods... Simply, read the Bible. It's your blueprint. Don't take my word for it. I make mistakes. I used to tell my Sunday School class to be a Berean and search the scriptures and test everything. We are to stand behind God, not man or a personality.

Oh, Lord, how can we forget and have it any other way? Heavenly Father, search my heart and bring to mind anything that I need to confess and please remove anything that I have placed in a position that you alone should occupy.

Because Truth matters,


Diana said...

"Slowly infecting our churches!"
Ouch, sounds like a virus...It makes me sick to my stomach seeing what some churches will do to gain a little notariaty. Series of topics that fit what they think the public needs, instead of a sermon on what God designed them to focus on. Do they even use the Bible anymore? yes, to fit their agenda not God's.
I blog, and read blogs and I know that a few of my posts are down right in your face about things. It seems that if pastors or preachers see themselves in your writings, they feel the need to get you under control.

I think what amazes me most are the people who grew up in Christ centered churches who now go to man-focused sermons, don't see the difference in what is upheld.
Most preacher's blogs that I have read amaze me most. They are down right awful in language and content. I admit I have used language that is downright wrong in God's eyes.
Yes I have cussed and yes bad words come out now and again, I have even been accused of cussing like a sailor by one person who has never EVER heard a fowl word leave the edges of my lips.

I wonder how it is ok for preachers to make church so "fun" that they forget that God put them in the role to help the lost become found not find the lost and keep them wandering around like sheep with no fences or borders. That only makes non-Christian's, still non-Christian's, just a flock going to church cause it is fun, No one hears the big T Truth very often anymore.
I hope people see certain pastor's blogs for what they are, crude, arrogant, and just tasteless. Be careful and mindful who your pastors follow!!!

George Romano said...

Wow, Diana! Those were very accurate statements.

I too pray that people's eyes are open to what's happening in today's churches and with some of todays pastors thinking that they have to be hip and crude and in your face. I don't recall ever seeing anything like that mentioned in the Bible. I do see love and reverence, something that a lot of people are short on, mentioned in the Bible, though.

Thank you for your comments!

Because Truth matters,